Multiplication Activities and Arrays

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What is multiplication?

Multiplication is a fundamental mathematical concept that involves adding a number to itself multiple times. It is essential to learn multiplication since it is the basis of various mathematical operations, including division, fractions, and algebra. Multiplication arrays are great to introduce students to the concept of multiplication.

One way to help students understand multiplication is through the use of arrays. An array is a group of objects arranged in rows and columns. It is an excellent visual representation of multiplication that can help students see the relationship between numbers.

Here are some fantastic multiplication activities and arrays:

arrays craft

  1. Multiplication Arrays with Q-Tips Painting This fun and engaging activity uses Q-tips and paint to create arrays for the given multiplication sentences. Students can use different colors of paint to make their arrays more visually appealing. Once they have created the array, they can write the multiplication sentence and the repeated addition sentence. This activity is perfect for kinesthetic learners who enjoy hands-on activities.
  2. Multiplication Arrays Elf Craft The Multiplication Arrays Elf Craft is a fantastic way for students to practice making arrays and writing repeated addition and multiplication sentences. The clear directions and low prep make this activity perfect for math centers, fun Fridays, or substitute days! The elf craft is a fun and engaging way to get students excited about learning multiplication.array christmas craft
  3. Multiplication Facts Craft This craft creates a beautiful 3D apple that looks great as a classroom display. Students can decorate the apple while learning multiplication facts. They can write the multiplication sentence on the apple and decorate it with multiplication symbols. This craft is perfect for visual learners who enjoy creating 3D objects.


In conclusion, multiplication is an essential mathematical concept that can be taught using arrays. The use of arrays is a great visual representation that helps students understand the relationship between numbers. The multiplication arrays with Q-tips painting, multiplication arrays elf craft, and multiplication facts craft are fantastic products that can help students learn multiplication in a fun and engaging way. These products are perfect for teachers looking for hands-on activities to teach multiplication to their students.

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