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Yes, school purchase orders are accepted! Simply email support@lovingmathresources.com with

1) the resource(s) you are interested in,
2) whether you are purchasing nontransferable or transferable licenses,
3) how many teachers will be using each resource, and
4) any specific information you need from me

I will reply with a quote for you to use for a purchase order approval. Once approved, an invoice will be sent. Teachers will be able to individually download their materials directly from the site. If transferable licenses are purchased, materials can be unassigned and reassigned to teachers to accommodate changes in staffing.

A non-transferable license is purchased and assigned to one individual teacher, and can not be reassigned or transferred if there is a change in staffing (a teacher leaves, retires, changes grade levels/courses, etc.) A non-transferable license can not be reclaimed by another teacher. This type of license is most appropriate for a teacher purchasing a license for their own use.

A transferable license also purchased and assigned to one individual teacher, however, this type of license can be reassigned if there is a change in staffing. This type of license is only available for and most appropriate for schools districts.

Depending on the number of licenses and type of purchase, yes. Please contact me directly if purchasing more than 4 standard (non-transferable) licenses of a single resource or curriculum.

Itโ€™s not really different at all! This is just another option for teachers and schools to purchase. You can choose to either purchase from here or TpT. All TpT purchases can be accessed from TpT and all purchases from this site can be accessed from your account here. I will continue to update and maintain all materials on both websites.

The purchase includes a license for one teacher only (yourself!). If another colleague wishes to use part of a resource, please direct them to this site to purchase that item individually.

No part of this resource may be uploaded to the internet in any form, including classroom/personal websites or network drives, unless the site is password protected and can only be accessed by students.

Because the standards in each state can differ, it is impossible for me to create a one-size fits all curriculum. A complete list of topics included in each unit are listed under each resource description so that you can compare to your own curriculum and standards.

While I use many textbooks as a reference, I do not follow a particular book. I frequently rearrange material in a way that I feel makes the most sense and works well within the curriculum as a whole.

Files are in PDF format. Some resources also include PowerPoints. Some curriculum unit resources are bundled in a zip file. Please make sure you are using a PC, Mac, or other device that supports zip files. The digital resources for Google Drive are in either Google Slides, Google Sites, or Google Forms.

The files that are editable will say so in the title.

Be sure you are using the most up-to-date version of Adobe Reader. Do not use โ€œPreviewโ€ on a MAC to view or print the files. This generally solves all printing issues.

If I update a resource or add an activity to a bundle, you can simply re-download the bundle from your account to access the new item.

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of these resources, there are no refunds. Please check out my resources on TpT, read through the feedback, and look at previews of various files. My resources have over 12,000 perfect ratings! If you are unsure of how you can effectively use these materials in your classroom, please reach out to me at support@lovingmathresources.com and I can certainly assist.

Because this website is independently operated, no price adjustments or refunds can be made from purchases on different sites. If you have purchased one unit from this site and would like to purchase the full bundle on this site, please email me at support@lovingmathresources.com and I can certainly help with that.