Hello there!

My name is Addys and I am an Instructional Math Coach at a Title I PreK-5th grade school. Math is my passion! It has been ever since I can remember. I always loved math class and it is my goal to transfer that same passion to every student I teach and to every teacher that uses my resources.
I made many mistakes as a new, inexperienced teacher, and like many, I struggled with classroom management and engaging my students. I was following the district curriculum to the T and using worksheets as my main resource. I knew I had to try something different to change the way my students learned. They were bored and so was I! I started incorporating games, songs, and crafts into my fourth grade math classroom and my kids loved it! Soon, they were engaged and their behavior greatly improved. I kept them busy, out of their seats for the majority of the math block, and talking to each other. This inspired me to start creating my own games and activities for my students and thatโ€™s how my company was born.

Students are at the forefront of all the resources I create. I strongly believe that an engaged student is the solution for learning and behavior challenges. I am a firm believer that every student can learn when given the proper support along with meaningful, engaging, and differentiated activities. As a curriculum designer, I strive to provide creative and unique resources that will allow students to collaborate, think outside the box, and explore their inner mathematicians. In all my lessons, the ultimate goal is to stimulate student curiosity and creativity, and engage students in learning.

Some fun facts about me:

I am glad you found me. Connect with me on Instagram @lovingmath.