Fraction Sort Game Comparing Fractions


Practice comparing fractions using benchmark fractions with this fun fraction sort game. Students are given a total of 96 fractions to sort into different categories. This fraction game is great for third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade


This game is created to play independently or in groups.
Simply cut out all fraction cards, shuffle them, and put them in a pile.
Students can choose to sort in a variety of ways:
✓They can sort comparing fractions to 1/2 : Place the 3 header cards (less than ½, exactly ½, and greater than ½ next to each other and have students sort this way. They can take turns picking fraction cards and sorting.
✓ They can sort sorting fractions into whole numbers or not whole numbers: Use the same fraction cards with the header cards “a whole number” and “not a whole number”.
✓ They can sort by comparing fractions to 3/5 : Use the header cards “less than or equal to 3/5 “ and “ greater than 3/5”. Students sort comparing fractions to 3/5
Print fraction cards and header cards on card stock and laminate for durability. I provided the header cards with a colorful background and without it to save you money on ink. You can print those on colored card stock instead.
All activities are aligned to the Common Core State Standards for grades 3-5
Hope you enjoy!


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