Volume Activities for 5th Grade

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Learning about volume can be a challenging concept for students in the 5th grade. It requires them to understand how to calculate the amount of space inside a three-dimensional object. Fortunately, there are several engaging and fun activities that teachers can use to help their students grasp this concept. In this blog post, we will explore three exciting volume activities for 5th grade.

First Volume Activity: Volume Math Craft – Additive Volume

Volume Math Craft - Additive Volume

The Volume Math Craft – Additive Volume is an excellent resource for teachers who want to engage their students in a hands-on activity. This product includes nine different building templates, which allows students to explore different shapes and sizes while calculating additive volume. The templates come with clear and easy-to-follow instructions, making it easy for students to work independently or in small groups.

Volume Math Craft - Additive Volume

A student recording sheet is included, helping students keep track of their calculations and ensure they are on the right track. This craft is perfect for a variety of grade levels making it a great resource for differentiated instruction. The finished product is sure to impress, and students will be proud to display their buildings in the classroom.

Volume of Rectangular Prisms for Google Classroom

The Volume of Rectangular Prisms for Google Classroom is a digital product that aligns with Common Core Standards for grade 5, including 5.MD.3, 5.MD.4, and 5.MD.5.

This product includes 12 interactive Google slides with movable pieces, allowing students to practice 21st-century skills such as dragging and dropping.

Volume of Rectangular Prisms for Google Classroom

The teacher answer key and directions on how to download the resource make it easy for teachers to integrate this product into their lesson plans. Students can work on this activity independently or in small groups, making it perfect for both in-person and remote learning.

Volume of Rectangular Prisms for Google Classroom

3D Earth Day Math Craft – Volume of Rectangular Prisms

The 3D Earth Day Math Craft – Volume of Rectangular Prisms is a fantastic way to engage students in math while celebrating Earth Day. This product focuses on finding the volume of rectangular prisms, meeting Common Core standard 5.MD.5.C. Students solve four different volume questions and use their answers to build a 3-dimensional globe.

Volume of Rectangular Prism

This interactive activity is a great way to teach volume concepts while celebrating Earth Day. It’s perfect for students who learn best through hands-on activities. ย It also allows them to apply their knowledge in a creative way.

Volume of Rectangular Prism

In conclusion, volume activities for 5th grade can be both fun and engaging for students. These three products provide teachers with resources to teach volume in a variety of ways, from hands-on crafts to digital activities. By incorporating these products into their lesson plans, teachers can help their students master the concept of volume while having fun along the way.


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