Earth Day Math Crafts

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Earth Day is a great opportunity to teach children about the importance of taking care of our planet. And what better way to do that than through fun and engaging Earth Day math crafts and activities? If you’re looking for an exciting way to celebrate Earth Day while also reinforcing key math skills, look no further than these two Earth Day math crafts!

3D Earth Day Math Craft – Coordinate Planes

3D Earth Day Math Craft - Coordinate Planes

The first Earth Day math craft, the 3D Earth Day Math Craft – Coordinate Planes, is perfect for students in 5th grade. This resource focuses on graphing points on the first quadrant of a coordinate plane, interpreting coordinate values of points in the context of a situation, and solving real-world mathematical problems. By aligning to Common Core standards 5.G.1 and 5.G.2, this activity provides a great opportunity to reinforce important math concepts while also celebrating Earth Day.

3D Earth Day Math Craft - Coordinate Planes

One of the best parts of this activity is that it allows students to create a 3D globe while solving math problems. This provides a great way for students to visualize the Earth and its continents while also developing important spatial reasoning skills. With four different coordinate plane and ordered pairs questions included, students will have plenty of opportunities to practice their math skills and create a beautiful 3D craft in the process

3D Earth Day Math Craft –

Volume of Rectangular Prism

Aligned with Common Core standard 5.MD.5.C, this activity focuses on finding the volume of rectangular prisms. But what sets this resource apart is the 3D globe craft that students create. By solving four different volume questions and using their answers to build a 3-dimensional globe, students will have a fun and interactive way to learn about volume concepts while celebrating Earth Day.

Volume of Rectangular Prism

Not only is this craft educational, but it’s also a beautiful addition to any classroom. You can hang it from your ceiling or display it on a shelf for everyone to enjoy. Plus, an answer key is included, making it easy to check students’ work and provide feedback.



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