3rd Grade Math Test Prep Activities

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As the end of the school year approaches, many 3rd-grade students are getting ready to take state standardized tests. It’s a time of year that can be stressful for both students and teachers. Time to use these 3rd Grade Math Test Prep Activities.

3rd Grade Math Test Prep Activities

With the right tools and resources, test prep can be engaging and even fun! These 3rd Grade Math Test Prep Activities are the prefect solution!

One great resource for 3rd-grade test prep is a set of math centers that includes five interactive activities. These activities align with the math standards for 3rd and 4th grades and provide students with a fun and engaging way to practice their math skills.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the activities in this set.

Subtraction with Regrouping

First up is “Buggy Subtraction.” This 3rd Grade Math Test Prep Activityย focuses on subtraction skills and features fun and colorful bug-themed cards for students to use as they work on their subtraction problems. The bright colors and cute bugs make this activity both visually appealing and engaging for students.

3rd Grade Math Test Prep Activities

Comparing Fractions

Next is “Fraction Bunny Race.” This test prep activity challenges students to compare fractions in a race to the finish line. The competitive nature of the activity makes it engaging for students, while also providing an opportunity to practice an important math skill.

3rd Grade Math Test Prep Activities

Division with Remainders

“Rainy Day Connect Four Division” is the third activity in the set. This 3rd Grade Math Test Prep Activities uses a popular game format to help students practice division. This center provides an excellent opportunity for students to practice division and remainders while having fun playing a game. The rainy day theme adds an extra layer of fun to the activity.

3rd Grade Math Test Prep Activities

Line Plots, Bar Graphs, Pictographs

“Graph It” is the fourth activity in the set. This activity allows students to create their own bar graphs, line plots, and pictographs using provided data sets.

This center helps students understand how to represent data visually and provides practice in graphing skills. The hands-on nature of this activity makes it engaging and fun for students.

line plot activities for third grade

Area and Perimeter

Last but not least is “Area and Perimeter.” This activity challenges students to calculate the area and perimeter of various shapes. This center includes both basic and advanced problems to help students develop a deeper understanding of these concepts. The real-world applications of these concepts make this activity both engaging and practical for students.

area and perimeter

Overall, this set of math centers provides an excellent resource for 3rd-grade test prep.

To download, click here.

The interactive and engaging nature of the activities makes them an effective tool for helping students prepare for their math tests. With the right resources and tools, test prep can be both effective and enjoyable for students.


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