Free St. Patrick’s Day Math Activities

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This St. Patrick’s Day Math Digital Activity can be used using Google Slides for a fun and engaging way to practice addition and subtraction within 100.

St. Patrick's Day Math Activities
FREE St. Patrick’s Day Math Activities

Free St. Patrick’s Day Math Activities

This digital game is called “Race to 100” and can be played digitally.

Here is how to play:

  • Each player takes turns rolling the two dice. Markers are placed at zero.
  • Player 1 calculates the sum of the two numbers displayed on the dice.
  • Player 1 then moves their marker to that number on the chart.
  • Player 2 takes their turn.
  • For player 1’s second turn they determine the sum. This number is then added to the number under their marker and the marker is moved to this sum.
  • Play ends when one player reaches one hundred.
  • If a player rolls and computes a number that cannot be added to the last number without going over 100 they lose their turn.
  • If player 1 reaches 100 first, player 2 finishes the round to see if they can tie the game.

A “Race to 0” subtraction game is also included.

St. Patrick's Day Math Game
St. Patrick’s Day Math Game


St. Patrick’s Day Math Activities

This digital version of  St. Patrick’s Day Race to 100 and St. Patrick’s Day Race to 0 is the perfect solution for at home learning or teaching virtually! This version can be used when students don’t have access to printables and can be used as a quick review, homework assignment, or exit slip.

While using this activity, students will have practice addition and subtraction within 20 while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Teachers can easily assign the activity using Google Classroom. If teachers don’t use Google Classroom, this activity can be downloaded as a PowerPoint and still be used digitally with your students.

Students can practice on any device including ipads and tablets.

What are Google Slides?

Google Slides are digital, interactive, slides using Google Apps. They work on an iPad, Chrome Book, Kindle Fire, even your phone!

In this set “St. Patrick’s Day Math “, students can play Race to 100 and Race to o digitally.

How do I get my free resource?

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If you are already a member, please login to access your freebie!

Hope you find it useful! Let me know in the comments how you like this activity.


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