Base Ten Activity for Google Slides

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This base ten activity for Google Slides can be added to Google Classroom for a fun and engaging way to practice representing two digit numbers using base ten blocks.

base ten digital google slides
base ten digital google slides


Base Ten Representations

This digital version ofย  Base Ten Activity for Google Slides is the perfect solution for at home learning! This version can be used when students donโ€™t have access to printables and manipulatives such as base ten blocks to learn how to represent numbers.

While using this activity, students have practice building numbers with base ten virtual manipulatives. Teachers can easily assign the activity using Google Classrooms. Students can practice on any device including ipads and tablets. To use with ipads, simply download the google slides app.


Setting Up the Base Ten Activity for Google Slides

Students may use Google Slidesโ„ข to do this activity.

The download file includes a detailed guide with instructions and pictures on how to use this activity with your students.

What’s included in this Base Ten Activity for Google Slides?

There are slides for a variety of 2 digit numbers. The good news is that you can add more or delete some to fit your needs. Some students could be working on lower numbers and others on greater numbers. You can also share your screen and do it together with your students.

This activity gives students a number to build using the base ten manipulatives. They need to drag the tens and the ones to make the given number.


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