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Are you looking for ways to engage your students during review days? Perhaps a game that will have them working to their potential and screaming with joy? I will show you the perfect math game to review any skill.

Review days! They can be so boring at times.

It’s the end of your multiplication chapter.

The test is tomorrow.

You must review with your class.

Your choice of review? That’s easy…. the test review page on your students’ math book.

This is how most of us review for every test. I get it. It’s easy. It aligns perfectly to the format of the test. The questions are pretty much the same, just with different numbers. You assign it, they do it, you go over it. BOOM! DONE!

But is it fun and engaging?

I bet not.


Let me share with you another way that you can implement to review for any skill prior to the test. In my opinion, this is the perfect math game to review any skill!

It’s a game called TRASHKETBALL.


Why Trashketball?

The kids love it. It’s competitive. They really really really try to get the answers and collect points as a group. But most of all they get to shoot balls or paper into a trash can.

It’s simple to use and doesn’t cost any money!

You can even copy those questions from the test review onto a PowerPoint presentation and save yourself the annoying task of having to make copies.

This is how the game is played.

      •Break the class up into teams. The number of teams is up to you. I recommend 4 to 6 students in a team.

Provide each student with a sheet of paper or dry erase boards to show their work.

Set the trash can up in front of the classroom. Also set up different levels to take shots from,  a one, two, and three point line.

Project the slides with the review questions  on a smart board or using a projector and set a time for students to solve. It could be any number of minutes you feel your students need to solve. 

Each student solves the problem independently and then consults with their team members to agree on an answer.

When time is up, call a member of each team to come up and show you their answer. If correct the team scores a point. They also get a chance to score bonus points.

For the bonus points, they get to shoot a soft ball into the trash can. They can score 1, 2, or 3 points depending how far from the can they stand ( Set up shooting point lines in advance).
That’s it. Simple and effective. The kids love it and I bet they’ll be completely engaged throughout the whole review.
If you want to try one of my TRASHKETBALL games that are already ready to use, click HERE.

Here is a FREE Trashketball game perfect for St. Patrick’s Day:

Click here to download


So there you have it my friends – the perfect game to review any math skill! Try it and let me know how it goes.
Happy teaching my friends!



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