Thanksgiving Themed Activities to Engage your Learners

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With the holidays approaching, many teachers feel nothing can get done. Some months like November can play havoc on your schedule. You start falling behind on your pacing guide and the days you can get things done, one third of your kiddos are out sick because of the changes in weather.

One way to celebrate the approaching holidays and still get in your daily math practice is to do holiday themed activities in your classroom. Think your kids are too big for this? Think again. Try doing a math craft with your fifth graders and see how it goes. I guarantee most of them will truly enjoy being a little creative and at the same time practicing their math skills.
If craftivities are not your thing, you can still get your kiddos engaged by playing seasonal themed games.
This carousel game is a great way to get your students working cooperatively and out of their seats. There are 12 stations, which you tape around the room. This is how to play :
1) Pair up students and place each pair at a different station.
2) Assign a student A and a Student B.
3) Student A solves the problem on the left and student B solves the problem on the right.
4) They compare answers. The fun part is their answers must match!
5) They move to the next station until all have been visited.
Another activity you can do is board games. Kids love the competitive aspect of board games. These games are sure to engage kids and keep them interested in the task at hand.
This Thanksgiving Themed Board Game practices multiple skills: rounding, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. Give it a try and let me know how it goes. This board game is included here
I hope some of these activities can get your students excited about Thanksgiving and allow them to celebrate the holidays without wasted instructional time.
What do you do in your classroom to incorporate the holidays into your daily teaching? Leave me a comment below to share your thoughts.


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